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Surface Prep & Epoxy Coated Concrete

Removing Old Flooring.

A lot of Tennant improvements include removing old carpet, vinyl tiles, or ceramic tiles. These old floorings can be removed, the adhesives ground off exposing the bare concrete floor. Often times the concrete floor that is left after the grinding process shows great character, i.e. cracks," ghosting"  or "shadowing." Put a clear low VOC epoxy or urethane coating and you have a beautiful easy to clean custom floor. The old adage," Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is evident here as well. Many of our customers are thrilled with the beauty of exposed aggregates, filled cracks, ect. Some though, do not like to see "ghosting" or cracks. For these customers, we often apply stain or a colored epoxy to give the floor a uniform look. We have included examples of each under this category. Look through these and ask yourself, "What would our floors look like after this process?"