Concrete Sealing

Concrete sealers come in two varieties, topical and penetrating. Let Diamond Concrete Polishing evaluate your concrete, whether inside or out. Let us know what you need, just a penetrating sealer to strengthen your concrete, and help protect it from salt-deicer attack, or you want a sealing package that does that plus color. We can come up with options to fit your budget and needs.

All penetrating sealers and stains are Eco-Friendly, low VOC, and water or plant based. Your family and pets will be safe.

Benefits of using a two part sealing system:

  1. Stronger concrete.
  2. Water and salt resistant.
  3. On newer concrete, it helps reduce Alkali Silica Reaction, which can deteriorate and cause cracking, spalling, pitting. Older concrete will see most of these benefits as well.
  4. Makes snow removal easier.
  5. Helps make the concrete more stain resistant.
  6. Keeps indoor environment much cleaner and easier to clean.
  7. While sealing the concrete it remains breathable, this is especially beneficial in basements.
  8. Earth tones and brighter color options are possible as well.

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