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Concrete stains can be acid based, water based, and plant/soy based. Recently, the water and plant /soy based stains have received more popularity because of the Eco-friendly movement. These stains are considered more eco-friendly and sustainable, and can often mimic acid stains looks, while being safer to use and safer for the building occupants. Here are a few reasons we have added water and plant/soy based stains to our portfolio:

  • Acid stain is considered a hazardous material
  • Acid stain must be thoroughly rinsed and neutralized or it may weaken and deteriorate concrete.
  • The fumes generated when acid staining are extremely hazardous, toxic, and dangerous to humans, animals, and the environment.
  • Metals contained within acid stains are considered a hazardous material by the EPA and must not get into the water stream.

"Green" Soy and Water Based Concrete Stains

We invite you to view the color palette of our environmentally-friendly "green" soy and water based concrete stains.

Water based concrete stain
Water Based Stains

Soy based concrete stain
Soy Based Stains

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