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Diamond Concrete Polishing Consulting Services
Craig Walton LEED AP

Here at Diamond Concrete Polishing we are constantly working, learning, researching and comparing all the newest technology and methods. We offer you, our valued client, professional experience with Green LEED certified construction. We get no commission from manufacturers for recommending products and services that are the best in our experience. We are contractors ourselves, and sit on the Polishing Institute Board of Directors, a not for profit organization.

Having done the homework, study and testing to successfully become a LEED AP from the US Green Building Council, has placed us in a unique position within the concrete polishing world. We know what the eco-minded person is looking for in a successful, green project. If your project is a LEED certified Silver, Gold or Platinum project we can help you and your contractor work within the scope and spirit of the USGBC.

You want a partner who:

  • Understands the green initiative
  • Understands indoor air quality
  • Can provide proven technology to prevent construction dust, and arrest the dust other trades might generate
  • Can provide true eco-friendly advice on densifiers, hardeners, and dyes.



The by-product from grinding, honing and polishing the floor can be recycled, adding points to a LEED certified job, and it’s what we want to do, because it’s the right thing to do. We can help you sort out the hype from the reality, those jumping on the “green bandwagon”, the pretenders from the contenders.

If your project is out of our traveling working area, being part of the Polishing Institute, we can recommend an authentic, independently accredited polishing Master Craftsman to most parts of the U.S and parts of Canada.

Gloss Meter Readings

Other services we can provide include, gloss meter readings. If your floor has a specification to reach a certain gloss number, as an independent consultant, we can provide the readings from our recognized gloss meter, to verify gloss, or reflection of the floor. We take these readings until a uniform gloss is achieved.