Going Green

Eco-Friendly Concrete - Environmental Best Practice

Diamond Concrete Polishing is the green way to go. Eco-friendly concrete polishing is a less abrasive technique than acid washing.  It has low impact on the environment.

  • Beautiful
  • Durable
  • May contribute toward LEED Certification
  • Very low maintenance
  • Earth-friendly chemicals used in polishing and staining process
  • Reflects light; may reduce lighting load 10 - 30%

Why Polish Concrete?
It's the Green Thing To Do

Read about the advantages of polished concrete. Consider some of the benefits to eco-friendly diamond polished concrete.

Bently Biofuels Outpost Fueling Station LEED Gold Building Project

LEED is a rating system by which you rate your buildings that you are designing on how they perform and how much carbon footprint they leave behind.

In a LEED project you have to keep everything clean, dusted, vacuumed – you always have to keep that in the back of your mind.

Bently Biofuels is one of the only LEED certified gas stations in the country.

Stained and polished concrete floors saves the whole step of the whole adhesive, carpet, manufacturing of carpet and transportation of those materials.

Diamond Concrete Polishing was brought in as LEED consultants, partnering with ACJ Polished Concrete from Genoa, Nevada and helped with the edging, polishing, staining and final polish on this Bently Biofuels Outpost Fueling Station Project.

“Building a LEED building is really the right thing to do, as far as carbon footprint goes, environmental impact, and everything else. It’s the right thing to do.” - Dale Dunnet, Design Coordinator for Miles Construction.